Methodology Meeting

Within an institution, hiring practices can vary across different job positions. Likewise, across institutions, the characteristics of job positions with the same title can vary not only in terms of compensation schemes, but also in terms of workplace responsibilities and the employment environment. In order to directly compare the hiring practices across institutions, we must consider not only the unique characteristics of individual job positions, but also the history of hiring practices. The Inventory on Athletic Administrator Hiring Practices collects data on the aforementioned institutional patterns on a yearly basis.

Perceptions of workplace climate and overall job satisfaction are also indispensable measures of institutional well-being. Micro-level data is needed to assess the demographic and background characteristics of individuals employed as athletic administrators as well as their expectations, plans, and career goals. The Inventory on Athletic Administrator Career Trajectories and Workplace Climate is designed to fulfill this objective.

Finally, uncertainty and unpredictability in recruiting processes requires the comparison of hiring practices both before and after a vacancy is filled. Additionally, other factors such as the duration of job vacancies might alter typical hiring practices. Because of the limited availability of senior-level administrator positions, a better understanding of the entire hiring process is warranted. The Inventory on Senior-level Administrator (Pre/Post) Searches is expected to isolate the important relevant factors so that we can pin down the genuine characteristics of hiring practices as they actually unfold.