What is the National Study of Intercollegiate Athletics?

The National Study of Intercollegiate Athletics (NSIA) is a set of national longitudinal survey inventories designed to gather information on various topics related to intercollegiate athletic administration. The purpose of phase one of this project is to better understand hiring practices in intercollegiate athletics. The NSIA will serve as a tool to promote and support the continuous improvement of hiring practices in intercollegiate athletic administration at all types of institutions.

The NSIA involves collecting, analyzing, and reporting micro- and macro-level survey data on intercollegiate athletic administration. NSIA examines both individual and institutional factors affecting intercollegiate athletic administration. The hiring results data are gathered from the institutions and from national data sources.

Phase one is focused on hiring practices and is comprised of three inventories: (1) Senior-Level Administrator Searches, (2) Athletic Administrator Hiring Practices, (3) and Career Trajectories and Workplace Climate.

  1. Inventory on Senior-level Administrator (Pre/Post) Searches asks hiring officials of human resource departments at each college/university about the desirable characteristics of senior-level athletic administrators (excluding coaching positions) and about the search/screen process. Data are collected on a per search basis.

  2. Inventory on Athletic Administrator Hiring Practices asks hiring officials of human resources departments at each college/university about the desirable characteristics for vacant athletic administrator positions (excluding coaching positions) and about the general search/screen process within the athletic department. Data are collected on an annual basis.

  3. Inventory on Athletic Administrator Career Trajectories and Workplace Climate asks athletic administrators about the climate of the workplace within the athletic department and about their career trajectories. Data are collected on a biannual basis.

The NSIA was created in 2011 and launched in 2014 by Wisconsin’s Equity and Inclusion Laboratory (Wei LAB) in partnership with the Minority Opportunities Athletic Association (MOAA).