How to Participate

Questions? Contact the NSIA Help Desk:

Athletic Administrators:

If you are an intercollegiate athletics professional and are interested in participating in the NSIA Career Trajectories and Workplace Climate Inventory:

  1. Email the NSIA Helpdesk at

When you are added to the list of participants, you will also be added as a subscriber to NSIA News, a monthly newsletter sharing best practices and insights related to hiring practices, career development and improving workplace climate.

Please Note: The inventory is only administered during certain periods, so you may not be immediately asked to participate once you subscribe.

Institutional Representatives:

If you are a human resource professional or representative for your institution and are interested in administering the Senior-level Administrator (Pre/Post) Searches Inventories, Athletic Administrator Hiring Practices Inventory, or an institution-specific Athletic Administrator Career Trajectories and Workplace Climate Inventory:

  1. Email the NSIA Helpdesk at

Institutional representatives will receive direct communication from the NSIA research team regarding the administration of inventories.

Data & Information Policy

Your participation in the inventory is very much encouraged, but completely voluntary. We will not share or sell any of your e-mail addresses with other individuals or entities outside the scope of NSIA. For analysis and reporting purposes, your identity will remain anonymous and all responses that may identify you will be removed.

Every effort has been made to minimize risks associated with participation in the inventory, including the risk that participant’s and institution’s responses could reveal sensitive information. The inventory team has taken great care to design an inventory protocol that separates all inventory responses from any personally identifiable information, removes responses that contain personally identifiable information or reveals illegal/unethical hiring practices, and stores all data in a secure, networked file storage system in order to minimize the risks associated with participation in the inventory.